Voz Team Update!

Man, when we put word out that we were hiring, we were pleasantly overwhelmed by the response.  Thank you all for applying and making our decision crazy difficult!

We are excited to introduce the newest members of the Voz Collective Team... Jeffrey and Tracy!

Fun fact: Unbeknownst to us, Jeffrey and Tracy are close friends and have known each other since middle school!  Points to us for thinking they'd get along and telling them each that the other was rad! :)

We're Hiring!!!

We've got big plans for 2015 and to accomplish our goals we need you!  We are currently looking for two people to join our team part-time: a Marketing/Office Assistant and Production Assistant.  We are open to train who we feel will be a perfect fit, so no major jewelry production skills required, however you must love dogs!  

You will find a more detailed description of each job below.  If either job sounds like it's up your alley, please fill out the application and make sure to specify which position you are applying for.  We look forward to hearing more about you and hopefully adding you to our team!

 This would be your lovely workspace!

This would be your lovely workspace!

*Marketing/Office Assistant:  assisting with work flow, printing out orders, calendaring, answering emails, product listing, customer service, shipping orders out, helping manage social media presence    

*Production Assistant:  assisting with all aspects of making our jewelry pieces from start to finish- staining, stenciling, measuring and cutting chain, glossing

Name *
What social media do you have and use?
Anything else you would like to add or any questions you have for us!

Spring/Summer 2015: Vivrant

Vibrant, vivacious, audacious, VIVRANT... this one goes out to all the bold ladies.  The ladies that jump when they see something shiny, something bright- something so inherently you.  Lady, you ain't no shrinking violet.  You are strong, you laugh the loudest and are generous with your opinions.  And in that spirit, we dedicate our Spring/Summer 2015 line to those who dig what we're vibing!  Voz Vivrant, is now available in our shop and on etsy!

The Haunted Forest: A Loschy Norse Shoot

If we had it our way we would always shoot on location.  No studios, fake lighting, or photoshop for us.  We like to be out in the elements.  And boy-oh-boy did the elements show off for us during our shoot for Loschy Designs' Norse collection.  Enjoy the photos and make sure to visit Loschy Designs at Pool Trade Show- Booth 1010- this week in Vegas! 


We consider it a blessing to have such talented friends and Erika of Yellow Wallpaper Handmade is the tops, the bees knees and the best of the best.  So this collaboration was not only fun, but it is super special to us.  Fun fact: Jackie started doing shows with hand painted bags so it was refreshing getting back to our roots.  These bags are all hand painted with some amazing leather paint (that is so durable it’s crazy) and then sewn into functional, chic bags by Erika.  We have a little bit of everything for everyone in the form of large clutches, small cross-bodies, coin purses and card cases.  The photos below are just a taste of what we have to offer this holiday season.    They are all one of a kind and will be traveling the show circuit with us, Voz Collective, to Renegade Austin and Unique LA after which, we will put what hasn’t sold in our online shop.  Keep an eye on our Instagrams (Voz Collective and Yellow Wallpaper HM) to see more in the coming weeks.

* Fun fact #2:  The money mouth or in symbol form :$ is our spirit animal.

Many thanks to two of our favorite models, Devin and Genevieve.  Especially for being down to meet us at a sketchy motel off Sunset that we may or may not have paid for at an hourly rate… :$!


Voz Ritual: the process of adorning oneself, carefully selecting a piece of jewelry before you head out, habitually accessorizing your wardrobe and making it your own

We created this line for everyone, from the tomboys to the girly girls to the “I never wear jewelry” ladies.  We hope that all you inspiring women find this F/W collection a little more sophisticated, polished and just right for every day wear as well as that perfect night out.

So without further ado, we are proud to introduce our Fall/Winter 2014 line, RITUAL!


Real talk.  Girl Gangs take over parks, hang out by train tracks, make important calls on pay phones, eat tacos and get kicked out of laundromats.  I mean, a girl gang’s gotta do what a girl gang’s gotta do.

Dress them up in Hips and Hair threads plus the latest wares from our Spring/Summer line and well, these ladies are ready for just about anything.

A big thanks to Hips and Hair for the rad clothes, Kolbie for styling and modeling, Angela, Kortnie, Khina and Devin for rounding out the best dressed girl gang around, and to Erika from Yellow Wallpaper Handmade for assisting.


Spring is officially here and we’re excited to introduce our Spring/Summer line… Voz Urban Resort!  Here are a few photos from our photo shoots and our Spring/Summer 2014 catalog featuring our lovely assistant, Angela.

Side note, if you work for us not only do you get to work behind the camera, you get to rock out in front of it as well.  Don’t let these photos fool you, it was all business and no fun at all.  :)


In the midst of the biggest rainstorm Southern California has seen in a minute, we escaped to Palm Springs to shoot Yellow Wallpaper Handmade’s newest totes and clutches.  We spent an amazingly gloomy day wandering around  and eventually ended the day at the Saguaro and Ace Hotel.  Here are a few of our favorite shots.  And don’t forget to head over to Yellow Wallpaper Handmade’s shop, her new stuff blows our minds!


Introducing our new shop, Voz Collective Home!  We’ve expanded our empire to include handmade wood veneer banners with customizable slogans and colors.  Perfect for a party, event or just a fun addition to any room.  Also, make sure to check back in the next couple of weeks because we will be adding new photography prints, wedding specific banners and more!


After the craziest holiday season in Voz Collective history, and by crazy I mean crazy good, we took some time to re-group and set out for New Mexico!  We spent a day in Albuquerque, headed to Santa Fe for a couple days, traveled up to Taos then made our way back down before heading home.  It was just what we needed to get ready for the Spring season.

First up, Albuquerque, Bandelier National Monument, and Santa Fe!


The first weekend of the new year, we had the pleasure of spending a beautiful Saturday in Rancho Palos Verdes photographing the lovely bags of Cipriano Designs.  We started off at the Wayfarers Chapel and ended the day at the beach below Trump Trails.  Big thanks to our wonderfully talented friend, Melissa of Loschy Designs for stepping in front of the camera to model for us!



2013 was by far the busiest, craziest, most fun, successful year yet!  Thank you for every order, kind word, and really just everything!  Your support means the world to us and allows us to do what we love for a living.  Please enjoy a photo recap of our year and here’s to an even better 2014!


There is nothing like: friends, road tripping, smoke bombs, holi powder, sparklers, scorched fingers, faulty blow-up sparklers in your face mishaps, a longer than expected burning star sparkler, photos that look like you were born from smoke, sitting on the side of the road for 30 minutes waiting for the rest of your crew, taco stands, laughing til it hurts and photos to remember it all.

Please enjoy… we certainly did!



We believe that there is nothing better than collaborating with fellow makers.  And when that fellow maker happens to be a friend, well then an epic fun day ensues!  A few weeks ago, we got together with Melissa ofLoschy Designs to shoot her jewelry line.  Here are a few shots from the shoot and we’re not going to lie, we think these ladies killed it!

Jewelry: Loschy Designs

Make-up: Catherine Wu

Hair: Rosemary Park

Models: Genevieve Mariani & Amy Steiner


We are excited to announce the the next big thing for us here at Voz Collective… Voz Banners!  Voz banners combine two of our favorites, bright colors and sassy phrases.  We are starting off with ten different sayings with ten unique color palettes.  Check our Etsy shop and browse the new goods.  Also be on the lookout for a contest/giveaway on our Voz Collective Instagram… one lucky winner will win a custom banner!