Welcome!  We are Jackie and Lauren and we are Voz Collective.

Voz Collective is all about the creative evolution.  What started out as Voz Clothing + Art, a brand that made socially conscience t-shirts back in 2005 with Jackie as the front-runner, is now a complete collaboration of the two sisters.

Jackie, has always been a maker/doer, something that is both thrilling and infuriating.  Thrilling in that we always had a creative outlet and infuriating in that Lauren can never buy anything in a store without hearing, “we can make that ourselves”.  Luckily, this helps Lauren’s competitive nature kick in; well to be honest she needs no help in that aspect of her personality.

There is just something about the older and younger sister combo that works for us.  We share similar yet opposite opinions.  Jackie is all about the physical aspect of making art while Lauren loves how art unfolds uniquely through the lens of a camera.

Really from all of this Voz Collective was born.

Voz Collective wants to do it all and that includes assisting other vendor/artists.  That’s why we will not only sell physical goods- wood jewelry and photography prints – but we will offer photography services.  We can help with your product shots, look-books and catalogs.  We’ve heard that sometimes you need a little help from your friends, and that’s where we come in!