We consider it a blessing to have such talented friends and Erika of Yellow Wallpaper Handmade is the tops, the bees knees and the best of the best.  So this collaboration was not only fun, but it is super special to us.  Fun fact: Jackie started doing shows with hand painted bags so it was refreshing getting back to our roots.  These bags are all hand painted with some amazing leather paint (that is so durable it’s crazy) and then sewn into functional, chic bags by Erika.  We have a little bit of everything for everyone in the form of large clutches, small cross-bodies, coin purses and card cases.  The photos below are just a taste of what we have to offer this holiday season.    They are all one of a kind and will be traveling the show circuit with us, Voz Collective, to Renegade Austin and Unique LA after which, we will put what hasn’t sold in our online shop.  Keep an eye on our Instagrams (Voz Collective and Yellow Wallpaper HM) to see more in the coming weeks.

* Fun fact #2:  The money mouth or in symbol form :$ is our spirit animal.

Many thanks to two of our favorite models, Devin and Genevieve.  Especially for being down to meet us at a sketchy motel off Sunset that we may or may not have paid for at an hourly rate… :$!